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Unmanned Loading System Successfully Developed By Wuhan Rentian

The full-automatic loading system newly developed by Wuhan Rentian has been successfully debugged and put into testuse in Hubei Chutian Chemical Co., Ltd. It is a heavyweight product developed by us according to the demand of the civil explosive industry and the characteristics of the rear loading demand of the general industry. Taking high automatization and unmanned production as the goal from the begin of design, the advanced robot technology, automatic environmental monitoring and adaptation system are adopted to truly realize unmanned operation.Substantially, ?the safety level of the secondary loading process has been ?improved in civil explosion industry.



System Structure:

Fixed conveyor, automatic telescopic conveyor, belt conveyor, robotpalletizer, hydraulic dock leveler, limit rail, laser rangefinder and positioning device.

Product Features:

Unmanned operation: the whole system can be intelligently modified without manual intervention and realize unmanned operation and automatic continuous loading;
Efficient & reasonable: small space required, smooth conveying, suitable for different box-type trucks; ?
Wide applicability: suitable for loading various boxes and bags;
Accurate placement: automatic replacement by robots, automatic loading environment detection & error compensation and good stacking effect.

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